Pacific Cherries

While visiting Seattle for the second time, like most tourists, I found myself perusing the fresh produce and handmade products of Pike Place Market. There’s something about the samples that leaves me feeling a mixture of adventure and guilt. I love a free sample, but I am also notoriously cheap. Let’s be serious, I’m not about to buy a $10 package of uncooked chocolate spaghetti.

Pike’s Place Market

However when the woman of the Chukar Cherries booth gave me three free samples of their decadent chocolate covered cherries, my guilt outweighed my frugality. Especially after this poor woman answered all my questions about why she chose to live in Seattle. After a prolonged inner turmoil, I purchased a bag of the Truffle Cherries. And I did not regret it. A Bing cherry covered in milk chocolate with a layer of cocoa, the Truffle Cherry was the perfect post city exploring treat.

Chukar Cherry Truffle Cherries
{Picture borrowed from}

Depending on the size of your guilt complex, I would recommend stopping by for a free sample of your own.


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