Impromptu Hot Springs Visit

Colorado scenery never gets old 

After what felt like a two day, post St. Patty’s Day hangover, some friends invited my significant other and me on a quick adventure to a hot springs located one hour away. It took me all of two seconds to, maybe a little too enthusiastically, say yes. We grabbed one of our friends who also suffering from a hangover, St. Patty’s Day was rough this year, you guys, and set off.

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This was the ideal day trip. The drive was short but filled with breathtaking mountain views. (Side note, if the iPhone maps app takes you through a rock quarry off M street, don’t go that way. Stay on the main highway, and it will take you straight to the front gate.)  It’s $5 with an active military i.d., and $15 for couples. The pool was the perfect temperature, with a view of the distant mountains. We stayed until sunset, which cast a warm, golden glow on the valley and the mountains.

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What I didn’t realize was that this Dakota Hot Springs, located in Penrose, Colorado, is a swimsuit optional hot springs. I am a huge proponent for body positivity and desexualizing nudity, but it was still a bit of a shock at first. You really have to be aware of where your eyes are wandering at all times. Our friends brought their kids, which was very refreshing. I really admire that they’re teaching their boys to be comfortable with nudity from a very young age. There are no phones or picture taking devices allowed, so I took no photos at all.

This was the perfect way to unwind for a few hours. We will definitely be going back, maybe even to camp there for a night or two. Check it out if you want a budget friendly, Colorado hot springs experience!




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