5 Solo Travel Destinations of 2015 Review

In January 2015, I set some goals for solo traveling to San Diego, Utah, Mesa Verde, the Grand Canyon, and Yellow Stone here . I had also booked a trip to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest in February. Most of my travel plans were thwarted because I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Despite my medical dramas, I managed to visit a few destinations in the latter part of the year. IMG_5561
1. Denver, CO – Denver is only about an hour away from where I live. In 2015, I took the short jaunt north to see one of my favorite bands, Geographer. I also took day trips for tattoos, to see Mary Lambert, another favorite artist, for Denver PRIDE, and to visit some friends. I also spent Halloween in Denver at one of the best Halloween parties that I’ve ever been to. Denver is a wonderful city with such good vibes, and I would love to relocate there at some point.

2. New Orleans, LA – My second time to New Orleans was on  a business trip in early summer. It was my first business trip, and it was such a relief not to have to foot the bill for the hotel, meals, and transportation. New Orleans doesn’t sound like a great place to go for business, but we still managed to have a lot of fun while we were there. It helped that a fun coworker got to go with me. I also was able to reunite with some of my former coworkers whom I hadn’t seen in years, which made for a very special trip.IMG_4404
3. Roswell, NM – I took my first solo road trip in years to Roswell. You can read more about my experience here.IMG_4892
4. Washington D.C./Baltimore, MD/Dewey Beach, DE – One of my friends, who relocated from Oklahoma City to D.C., invited my significant other and me to stay with him during the late summer last year. It was the first time traveling a long distance with my significant other, so it was definitely an interesting journey. We had so many wild adventures during this trip that I look back on it very fondly. It might have been my favorite trip of the  year.IMG_5217
5. Mesa Verde, CO – My second road trip of the year, but this time it was with my best friend. Being alone with my best friend for basically the entire four days was such a joy. It’s so grounding to be around someone who has known me for years. She always has a way of reminding me who I am. That trip was so healing in so many ways.IMG_54776. Albuquerque, NM – This was my third road trip of the year and my second time at the International Balloon Fiesta. Though I went a few years back, I found myself looking at the balloons in wonder and amazement for hours. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. But you have to get up REALLY early if you want to see the Dawn Patrol. Traffic is awful before and after. But look at that sunrise! *heart eyes*IMG_5816
7. Dallas, TX /NYC– I grew up in a Dallas suburb, so I often go home to visit family and friends. I flew home for Christmas and flew to New York City before New Years to take a trip to Montreal in Canada. Most of that trip happened in the new year, so I count that as a 2016 trip.

Where did you travel in 2015?



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