Road Trip Playlists

I don’t know about you guys, but I always compile playlists before I travel, whether it’s for a short plane ride or a long road trip. I will be roadtripping with my significant other and one of our friends in May for a music festival, so I’m currently rounding up solid road trip playlists for our 22 hour journey one way (yikes!). Here’s what I have so far:

  1.  Can’t You Wait – Geographer
  2. Anna Sun- WALKTHEMOON
  3. On Our Way – The Royal Concept
  4. Indian Summer – Jai Wolf
  5. Molecules – Atlas Genius
  6. Atomic Man – Portugal. The Man
  7. Shake it Off – Florence + the Machine
  8. The Wire – HAIM
  9. Ghengis Khan – Miike Snow
  10. Often – The Weeknd

(This is just a piece of one of the many playlists I’m making. This particular one has all the bands that will be playing at the music festival. Can you believe that all of those people will be there?!)

I always find that you need playlists that convey different moods, depending on the ambiance of road trip when you listen to it. I usually go for upbeat and optimistic as there are frequently unexpected challenges that pop up that can be stressful to deal with. I tend to make a lot of rookie mistakes, hence my whole “Rookie Mistakes” category, so I find it best to have positive songs on hand that I can listen to while I’m dealing with whatever fallout that’s happening. Like getting lost. Have I mentioned that I’m AWFUL without my GPS? Let’s just cross our fingers that we have 4G the whole way…

What do you like to listen to while traveling?



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