Currently Loving:


Long, lazy summer days- It’s been unusually hot around here for the past few weeks, so it’s hard to want to go hiking or be active outside. I’ve spent a lot of time lately just laying in the grass, looking at the clouds floating above the mountains.


New summer blooms- Rent houses’ landscaping often ranges from sparse patches of grass to lush grass and colorful blooms. We’re currently renting a new house, and I’m finding that this house is one of those rentals with carefully preened vegetation and flowers. I love seeing what new blossoms pop up every couple of weeks.


Late evening walks around the our neighborhood- We moved to  a house that’s located about four blocks away from this beautiful park and lake. We’ve been taking advantage of this gorgeous scenery every chance we get. It’s also a Pokemon Go hotspot, so there have been several, several people strolling around the lake in the past few weeks.


Weekend hikes- Though it’s hard to force myself to get out during the heat of the day, every now and then my coffee fueled energy gets the best of me and my staying inside sensibilities. This was taken on a Saturday afternoon hike in 95 degree weather. We were awarded with clear views of the mountains and a bit of a sunburn.




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