Do or Don’t: Travel Thrifting


This one is DEFINITELY a do for me. I usually only bring a few outfits and shoes on my trips so that I can stuff my suitcase full of one-of-a-kind treasures. One of my favorite things to do while traveling is perusing unique thrift or antique stores. My family and friends know that I refuse to spend precious trip time in a gaudy souvenir store (Sorry, Mom! Don’t expect any postcards or refrigerator magnets). To find uncommon souvenirs that won’t be sequestered to junk drawers, I seek out any and all thrift shops, antique stores, and bazaars.


I found this little guy on a shelf the back room of an antique store in Pikes Place Market in Seattle. It’s a grumpy bowl! If the price matched my budget, I would have snatched this guy up in a heartbeat. He would have looked spectacular with a tiny little succulent in him, situated on my bookshelf. I often look back at this picture and regret that I didn’t buy him. I haven’t seen anything like it before or since. Ahh, the sting of regret.


This was at a flea market in southern Illinois. I couldn’t justify purchasing a cat wedding cake topper or a sole rabbit salt shaker, but don’t think I didn’t contemplate it for a bit before walking away. I’m certain that if I had scooped up these figurines, I would have most certainly had buyers’ remorse. No one I know would have appreciated any of these. They would have ended up being donated, for sure. Good call, self! *Self high-five*


I found these vintage hats in an upscale thrift store in Roswell, New Mexico. The hats even came with their original hat boxes! Again, they were out of my price range. I ended up buying a turquoise bowl with a fun little pattern that’s currently holding garlic on my kitchen counter. A decent priced, useful souvenir always wins in my book.


These came from a funky art/antique shop in downtown Oklahoma City. This was before I started my vintage glassware collection of all colors. When I get enough colors, I’m going to arrange them in a rainbow. Rainbows make me so happy! I spy a few cups and glasses that could have diversified my current collection for sure. Next time, Oklahoma City!




One thought on “Do or Don’t: Travel Thrifting

  1. Angel Ungericht

    Haha daughter! You know that I’m open to home made souvenirs (reference my little sand and shell gifts). You could make refrigerator magnets out of some of these things very easily. Home Depot has little magnet squares and circles with sticky tape on the back. Quite easy to attach them to that lone salt shaker to make a little magnet. 😉 xoxoxoxo

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