Currently Loving:


Off trail hikes- This weekend we went on a hike with one of our friends and her dog at Red Rocks. We went off the normal routes and did some unintentional trail blazing. There was a scary moment when I thought I was going to roll down a huge boulder, but I ended up just sliding down. It would have been graceful if I wasn’t screaming with a look of terror on my face. I’m fun to hike with, you guys.


Mini gummy bears- I discovered mini gummy bears this weekend. They’re about a fourth of the size of regular gummy bears. It was the perfect size for getting a good taste, but not overdoing it with the sugar. And they’re just so cute!


Donut Sunday- Speaking of cute, this is Knox. He loves donuts, (he has fresh donut face in about 85% of the pictures I have of him. We give his parents a break and take him and his brother to Donut Sunday every weekend.) his brother, and swimming in our local lake. He is unusually emotionally intelligent for a two year old. Don’t let that fool you though. His favorite subject to talk and laugh about is poop.

It was a great weekend! 🙂

Dreaming of Friday as always,


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