Salida, Colorado


After a long stretch of little to no solo travel, I decided that I would make the three-hour trip to Salida Colorado to explore. It’s a beautiful little mountain town with lots of shops with local artists’ work, a gin distillery that makes a mean cocktail, and beautiful views.


It rained for most of my drive in, but it was still breathtaking. The road to Salida from Colorado Springs is rocky with enjoyable curves, juxtaposed next to a vivacious river. When I arrived, I spotted a double rainbow. I have seen more rainbows since I moved to Colorado than I ever have in my life. Calling all LGBTIQA+ people!


After visiting Wood’s High Mountain Distillery, a swanky little distillery and bar that serves their freshly distilled gin and organic ingredients, I took a sunset stroll around town. The little downtown area is filled with cool coffee shops, quaint bookstores, and old antique shops that seem to have a mysterious layer of dust, which adds to the magic of antique hunting. The river that you can spot almost the entire journey to Salida culminates in a wide, picturesque river perfect for rafting.


Salida is a charming town full of life and loveliness. It’s a wonderful spot for a short, slow-paced weekend trip. Slow-paced solo travel is by far my favorite kind of travel. I would HIGHLY recommend checking out this little town if you’re in the area.

Happy Travels,




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