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This weekend I did some solo traveling for the first time in a long time. I took a mini road trip to Taos, New Mexico. It was so invigorating and refreshing. This picture was taken on the Taos Pueblo where the Tewa live. I spoke with a woman who is fluent in Tewa. She shared some of her grandparents’ stories of the American boarding schools they were forced to attend.


I visited the earth ship community about ten miles outside of Taos. This is taken from the visitor center there.


This is the Rio Grande Gorge. It’s the closest thing to the Grand Canyon that I’ve seen. It’s breathtaking. Literally. Walking across the bridge to get this picture triggered my acrophobia. Because I rarely put myself in situations that require me to face my fear, I sometimes forget that I have it. Until I do something like walk across this bridge that was, in reality, completely safe. But when I looked down at my feet, I could see the rocks at the bottom. Yikes. I didn’t stay very long 🙂

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