Where the Locals Go: Hillside Gardens, Colorado Springs


The summer concert series at Hillside Gardens is one of Colorado Springs’s best kept secrets. Tourists just do not know about this spot. It’s about 90% locals. But I’m going to share this with you. No extra charge 🙂


Every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 PM, you can pay $5 (cash only) to enter this place that leaves me spellbound every time. Five dollars buys you entry and one drink ticket that you can redeem at the old bus that’s converted into a bar or at this bar:


There’s a main stage that hosts the more popular acts, and there’s another area that hosts lesser known musicians or local high school talent. Rain or shine, Hillside is open. You can sip locally brewed beer or wine, eat cheap local food, and listen to local music while watching the sunset from one of the best views in the city. I can’t oversell this place, guys. IMG_3328

One of the things that I find so charming about Hillside is the vintage things and random art strewn about the property. Whenever I go, I usually spend my time wandering around the grounds to see what new antique has been added.


There are several private corners, gazebos, or clearings in the trees that make you feel like you’re the only person, or people, there, especially when the sun sets. It’s a romantic site for dates because you can steal a kiss or two among the flowers, under the ivy arch, or behind the larger pieces of art.

To sum it all up, this place is perfect. You won’t regret going, trust me.

Happy travels,



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