Currently Loving: Drinks on the Porch


For the first time in my adult life, I have a front porch set up that I can be proud of. I don’t usually spend too much time or money on decorating my house. Since I graduated college, I saved all my money for travel instead. But something about the crisp autumn air galvanized me to shop for decorations AND actually put them out front. I also randomly found the perfect table at Lowe’s that was on sale for $15 dollars. After that, everything just fell into place.


After a particularly stressful day at work, I invited my awesome friend, Jen over to enjoy some drinks on my freshly decorated patio. If you know me, you know that’s somewhat out of character for me. Unless my house has recently been cleaned, I don’t usually spontaneously invite people over. But the space that we’ve created is so wonderful that I just can’t help but share it. (It also helps that I’m super comfortable with Jen and she’s a wonderfully cool person.) By the way, if you like whiskey, you HAVE to try this recipe for these drinks from one of my all time favorite blogs. They were absolutely perfect for the occasion.


We sat outside for about an hour and a half solving the world’s problems and getting more vitamin D than I’ve had all year. The sun lazily set behind the mountains, casting an inky purple onto the mountains. The brisk breeze blew yellow and red leaves around the neighborhood, and the dogs chased after them. Little Atticus particularly loves catching and eating the golden ones.


Grayson is waiting ever so patiently for someone to throw a ball. Isn’t he adorable?


Thanks for letting me share! I’m really excited about the porch, and there are even more things to come when I can figure out how to get an extension cord outside (we’re talking ghost lights and maybe even a blow up Halloween decoration!). Stay tuned 🙂



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