Currently Loving:

1. Stuff you Missed in History Class: This is one of my favorite podcasts of all time. Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey explore people, places, or events that are either fudged over or bypassed altogether in history books. One of my favorite episodes is “The Tuskagee Syphillis Study” in which the hosts outline one of the most recent and egregious unethical practices in medical history that resounds with the current Black Lives Matter movement. Give it a listen!


2. Magic hour hikes with Attie: I came home from work the other night feeling          desperately in need of getting some outdoor time. Attie and I set out on a long hike that ended on a grassy hill at sunset. We had a perfect view of the mountains. It was so rejuvenating and refreshing though Atticus lost patience with my selfies 🙂 He’d rather chase some squirrels.

3. LGBTIQA+ Equality March: last weekend I got a text about an equality march happening in my town. I had no idea it was a thing, even though I work in the LGBTIQA+ community. I quickly rushed to the nearest Walgreens to buy some poster board. My experience with my last march taught me that I need good shoes, sunscreen, lots of water, and a clever sign. My plan was to draw the Babadook with the caption, “Let’s Get Babashook” because apparently in some weird twist of Netflix fate, the Babadook is now a gay icon. Alas, I chose brunch over my poster. There was a modest turn out, but it was so empowering to stand with my friends to remind our community that we’re here and we’re queer 🙂 We only got two naysayers which is a win in our small, mostly conservative community.

I hope your week is going as well as mine!

All my love,



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