Last Minute Costume Ideas


Rosie the Riveter : This one was definitely last minute for me, which is unusual because I usually begin planning my Halloween costume MONTHS in advance. I was standing on one of the aisles in a local thrift store trying to come up with a last minute costume. I originally wanted to be Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, but the only black cape/coat thing they had was more 1999 Matrix than Justice material. Then I saw a very small shirt with stretchy, red with polka-dots fabric that was PERFECT for Rosie. I purchased a small American flag to display my “We can do it!” sign with some tape. After cutting the shirt to bandanna lengths for my head, I broke off the American flag part, found a yellow envelope I had around the house, and voila! A very identifiable Halloween costume. No one had to guess who I was 🙂 img_0706

Wedding Jenny from Forest Gump (or a flower child): This one wasn’t quite as last minute as the Rosie costume, but it was still only a few days before Halloween. For this costume, I found a long and flowey, off-white dress at my local thrift store. I purchased the elastic for the headband there, and I hot glued some fake sunflowers to the elastic which I also purchased at the thrift store. Don’t forget to go barefoot to stay true to Jenny’s relaxed, bohemian style.

image150 Shades of Gray: Okay, you caught me. I came upon this one by pure accident. But what a pleasant and ridiculous accident! Sometimes Halloween festivities happen outside. Because it was outrageously cold in Colorado that year, I put together some items I had in the trunk of my car from a recent camping trip right before I walked in to the party. It was more for warmth than anything until I realized that I was wearing all gray. Punny and easy. The white wine and hot dogs were not part of the costume.



Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds: This one I also stumbled upon when my hair was flat at the top and uncontrollable at the bottom. Wild hair with a pair of Ray Bans, a button up shirt with a vest and tie, a revolver, and a statistic about serial killers, you can make a quick costume that’s amazingly still relevant.



Kid’s Costume: Mummy! img_0704
Got some toilet paper and some eye liner? Perfect! If Halloween sneaked up on you this year like it did for me, and you have little ones, this costume is quick, easy, and recognizable. You don’t have to have the fake spiders or fake bugs. Whatever you have on hand that will look like decay and rotting. Have any extra spider webs from your Halloween decor? Feel free to attach some of that to the toilet paper. I wouldn’t recommend this if there’s a chance of rain or snow, however. You may have a very dilapidated mummy if they get wet. Also, this cutie ran around the party saying “I’m a MOMMY!” 🙂

img_7032Hot DOG Costume, Naturally: This one really isn’t a last minute idea, I just want to show you how cute Atticus was on his first Halloween (as a Halloweenie!). The puns never stop around here. If you’re looking for a last minute costume, your local pet store is bound to have some left. You can buy full costumes like the one Atticus is modeling or you could buy some Yoda ears and call it a day. Don’t forget your fur babies this Halloween!

Thanks for letting me share. Happy Halloween!



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