Currently Loving:

Currently 1

  1. Hiding from the Mondayest Tuesday there ever was this week while luxuriating in these flannel sheets. Attie didn’t want to get out of bed either.

Currently 2

2. Planning for New Year’s Eve: I got a text this morning from one of my friends with whom I explored Montreal a couple years ago for New Year’s. He suggested renting a cabin somewhere in Colorado, and I had heard of Ouray, Colorado for years but have never been. When I sent this picture to the group, the immediate answer was a resounding yes! Ouray, here we come. (Also, the Little Swizterland of Colorado? I mean, come ON!)

3. Crispy Cheesecake Pom Poms: Found on the Bench’s menu in Colorado Springs. A coworker and I went to this restaurant which was a short trek across the street. We almost died via cheeseake “pom poms”. How happy is that? Deep fried cheesecake at 11:00 AM on a Wednesday while discussing programs. Can it get any better? No. No it cannot.

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