Ordering in a Panic


Confession: when trying a new restaurant or when on a working lunch or dinner, I will often become overwhelmed with the food options and ignore the menu. Inevitably, the wait person will arrive to take my order after I ask for a “couple minutes” and I panic HARD. Like knees-weak-palms-sweaty-mom-spaghetti panic, ya know? I often glance down and pick the first thing I see, even if I already have something in mind. The moment I hear my choice escape my mouth, I panic even harder. Anyone else know that feel? Nothing else makes me feel quite like a small child. Sometimes I get lucky and find something delectable I would have never tried willingly; however, most of the time I am less than satisfied with my entree and with that suddenly sweaty feeling. I don’t know what it is about restaurants, but I get so distracted and often overstimulated which perpetually results in anxiety.

To combat this, I’ve recently realized that you can view most menus online before you even step foot in the door. Late to the party? Yes. Life changing? Also yes. Looking at the website and the menu also gives me a feel for what I’ll be walking into when I arrive.   Now when going to a new restaurant, I arrive feeling prepared and comfortable enjoying the atmosphere. No awkward panic sweat necessary! I would recommend it if you also experience ordering anxiety.




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