Daily Delights

NYT Crossword Calendar: In college, I did the campus newspaper crossword religiously in research class with my left hand to stay awake. I now grab every copy of the Colorado Springs Independent in hopes of filling out the crossword puzzle in record time. My friends and family have caught on to my intense love for challenging word puzzles. For my birthday, M’s mom gave me this daily crossword calendar. It gives me great pleasure to drink my morning coffee and wake up my brain with a fresh puzzle. There’s something about the rhythm of reading the clues, filling in the boxes, and then crossing off the clue. When my life is chaotic, somehow it’s calming and reassuring that a crossword will greet me every day. I collect the puzzles on the days that I can’t fill one out, and I share those every so often with a dear friend who is an avid crossword geek like me. It makes me so happy to share the delight.

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