Introducing Daily Delights

I have tried many a gratitude boosting activity such as the 100 Happy Days Challenge, gratitude journaling etc. I used to make “Happy Lists” in high school while I was bored in band. With each exercise, I find myself in such a better mood and less likely to cynically interpret myself or my environment.

Recently on NPR Ari Shapiro interviewed Ross Gay the author of The Book of Delights in which he writes daily essays about something that brought him joy that day. In one essay he describes fireflies, in another he describes what he calls “reckless air quotes”. That term itself brings me immense delight.

Inspired by his book of essays, I will be starting a new segment called Daily Delights a la Ross Gay. I’ve recently been open to exploring the possibility that this blog should organically develop into something that is fresh and congruent with my current stage of life. Nothing is more intimate and honest than thoughts on things that delight me daily. I’ll try not to talk about my dog for every post, but no solid promises. I hope you enjoy!




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