Daily Delights

In the age of delivery and Amazon Prime I’ve gotten into the habit of “one click orders” and then forgetting about them. I’ll think I need to order something, I get out my phone, and in one click, it’s on its way. Because it requires so little time and effort, I completely forget that I ordered something until I pull up to my house and see a package on my porch. It is utterly delightful to come home from a long day of work to find a new book waiting for me to crack open its spine or a few gold stacking rings that ache to be stacked. Sometimes I order items so frequently, I don’t know what I’m opening until I slide scissors across packaging tape. This, friends, is true joy. It immediately invokes the feeling of popping the tape off taut wrapping paper to reveal the hidden, unexpected treasure within. I can’t help but smile and perhaps express my jubilance by yelling, “Eeek!”


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