A Break from Weekend Routines

During the weekends, I usually spend a lot of time relaxing or sleeping. I am one of those people who could sleep 15 hours without the help of medication or other substances. It boggles my mind to think that some people can’t sit for more than 30 minutes to an hour at a time. Girl, I can sit longer than your brother in college takes to get out of bed the day after a frat party. One of my favorite blogs regularly produces posts on their weekend routines which sounds so boring, but I’m unusually into.

I think it’s such a shift in perspective when people can fit in like 8 different events, chores, tasks, meetings, etc. in one day of the weekend. When recently thinking about blog posts, I thought, I should do a weekend routine post. Then I envisioned what that post would look like for the majority of my weekends, especially in the cold months in Colorado: Netflix and chill with snacks basically sums up my weekends. I felt shame about what I would post because it would be like 5 AM: Dog wakes me up to take him outside. Go back to sleep. 7 AM: Cats wake me up to be fed. 8 AM: After trying to ignore the cats in a semi-conscious sleep, I finally get up to feed them. Then I lay back down to sleep. 9 AM: Wake up and make coffee, and get back in bed for more puppy and kitty snuggles. Malcolm and I love to catch up on the news during our morning coffee typically drank in bed. Anywhere from 11 AM – 1 PM, get up to brunch. By 1 PM on Saturday, other people might have already worked out, showered, ate breakfast, went to the Farmer’s Market, met a friend for lunch, cured cancer, etc.

BUT this weekend was different. I did not nap on either Saturday or Sunday. My friends would be shocked to know that as I am the reigning nap QUEEN. Well, this queen had a very productive weekend. With the time change, my new commitment to not break promises to myself, and warm enough days to go coat-less, I felt very motivated. It’s not a routine yet, but it felt so wonderful at the end of the weekend to have a clean house, clean laundry, clean dishes, etc. I also found this succulent hybrid this weekend at Home Depot. (Going to Home Depot is a sign of a productive weekend, amirite?) It was the only one in the whole selection flowering. I hadn’t ever seen a flowering succulent, so I had to have it. $3.50 later, I had a baby plant with a flower sprouted which obviously has to be good luck, right? Anyways, I digress. I kept all my promises to myself this weekend a la Rachel Hollis and it feels like I’m finally getting it right. I kept all my promises and even managed a sporadic trip to the local doughnut haven for sugary sweets and bitter coffee which is my favorite combination all before 10 AM on Saturday! Winning, obviously.

What do your weekend routines look like? Does the warmer weather have any effect on those routines?


6 thoughts on “A Break from Weekend Routines

  1. Jen

    Omg yes, to ALL of that! The combo of nice weather AND more daylight made a difference for me last weekend too. I love napping as well, especially since I’m usually wide awake by 7am on weekends, so by noon I’m tuckered out! My norm is to get up early and either get groceries before most people are awake, then enjoy a quiet cup of coffee and try a new recipe. I’m so inspired by the concept of keeping promises to ourselves, thank you for sharing that idea!

  2. Mae Goes West

    I love the idea of getting groceries before anyone wakes up! I usually go on a weekday after work which is the absolute worst time. I’m glad I’m not the only nap queen around here 🙂 Thanks for reading, friend!

    1. Mae Goes West

      Yes! I remember going to the store at like 11 PM. There’s something particularly awful about clogged grocery store aisles.

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