Daily Delights

The weather in Colorado Springs has just been gorgeous for the past few days, so we’ve spent a lot of time outside, obviously. Malcolm just bought clippers to give Attie an at home shave, which cost at home prices. Winning! We’ve tried to shave him once before in Malcolm’s tiny apartment with some old shears. That was a long, fairly awful experience. He just has so. much. hair. This time we were outside enjoying the sunshine when we decided to try again. This time was a pleasure. Atticus laid his body weight on me while Malcolm shaved. Attie was so comfy that he almost fell asleep in my arms. It was delightfully adorable and made my heart melt. Ugh. That dog. Oh and one of the best parts about it? We saved some moolah! Can’t get better than that. I did get an intense sunburn on my back and shoulders, but it was worth it.



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