Daily Delights

I have wanted a Roomba for about four years now but have been dissuaded by the exorbitant price tag. As a pet owner of more than two, our house needs a good sweep almost every day to keep up with the hair and the little particles. So when this vacuum cleaning robot went on sale for $99 for one day only, I jumped on it. Malcolm, who gravitates toward all things technology/robotic/mechanical, loves it and follows this little guy around the house. If Deebot is there, Malcolm won’t be far behind with a huge smile on his face. That’s what he was doing when I snapped this shot. It brings me joyous delight when he refers to it as “Beebop” “Deebo” or “Beebo”, especially when he drops something on the floor and suddenly yells “Beebop!” Though I don’t love it as much as Malcolm does, I am forever walking around the house barefoot thanking Deebot for keeping the vexing clumps of hair and debris off the floors. The animals love it even less (you can see Taluah and Jackson in the back eyeing it suspiciously here), but this little guy is here to stay!


3 thoughts on “Daily Delights

    1. Mae Goes West

      It’s so gratifying especially when all I have to do to clean the floors is put up my feet and push a button. Thanks for the recommendation!

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