The Best Amazon Finds

You know the feeling when you forget that you ordered a package and are delightfully surprised when it shows up on your doorstep? If you shop late at night like I do, you will double your chances of not remembering from a study that I just made up. This post may sound like an advertisement because I am obsessed with Amazon. They have the best prices, and the one-two day free delivery is spoiling me. When I order a parcel from another company, I’m so miffed when it arrives in 5-7 business days. Amazon is definitely changing the game with shipping. Here are a few things on Amazon that I am drooling over and a few that I already purchased because I just can’t help myself:

  1. These pillows that I just purchased. Equal parts sophisticated and whimsical. I can’t wait for them to arrive!
  2. We have so many damn coffee mugs cause M collects them, but this one is cheeky enough to add to the collection.
  3. Just hung this chandelier after seeing similar ones for years. At only $106, it’s a steal. And such a statement piece. *heart eyes* Here are the lightbulbs I purchased for the fixture. It has the exact number of bulbs needed for the chandelier.
  4. Sweater weather is heeeeeere!
  5. Subtle rainbows on everything always, including this hat.
  6. I came across this fanny pack and HAD to have it. Wonderfully kitsch.
  7. Loving this style of planter.
  8. Of all the things I buy on Amazon, books are probably my most common purchase. I cannot wait for this one to arrive! It’s part 2 of the Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I need to know what happens.

I do not earn any commission if you buy things through these links. If you know how to go about approaching companies for sponsorships, I’d love to talk to you!


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