Do You Know Your Enneagram Personality Type?

Most personality tests that I’ve taken, whether they be a valid measurement or a silly quiz about which Disney character you’d be, have inspired me so much. The major psychological personality questionnaires often argue that your score will largely be the same all your life, but I have found that to be absolutely untrue. This might be because we answer questions based on our mood while answering the questions. Are you lonely right this moment? EXTRAVERT! Do you currently feel caught in between playing the mediator and getting what you really want? TYPE 9! Do you feel like your intuition has been off lately? THINKING! RAVENCLAW! SNOWWHITE! See what I mean?

When I first heard about the Enneagram personality test, I jumped at the opportunity to complete the questionnaire. One of the things that strikes me about this particular paradigm is that the creators urge you to find out as much as you can about each number personality type (1-9) and then decide for yourself (research? YES PLEASE!). After trying both avenues, I came up with a resounding 9 – the Peacemaker. 9s often feel that we can’t make an easy decision because we can clearly see all points of view. We are very intuitive and empathetic. So empathetic that we forego our needs for the needs of others and the common good. Our needs and feelings subconsciously often get bottled and pushed down which creates the anger that is common of 8s, 9s, and 1s. We may feel that we cannot effectively respond to our anger, so it gets compartmentalized until an outburst happens on whoever is around. Okay, maybe that last sentence was specifically about me. But you get the point. 9s make great facilitators and mediators because we strive to hold space for every opinion and view. We tend to avoid conflict or disengage quickly when we feel conflict arising. Often we experience conflict in a visceral way. For example, my stomach twists and turns when I feel others’ emotions becoming intense. I want to avoid conflict because I know my role is to jump in and mediate it. But how does mediate when one is involved in the conflict?

Because I have researched my number so much, I don’t know too much about the other numbers. To find out your enneagram number, go here . Let me know what you find!




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