My Take on The Breakdown with Shaun King Podcast

The minute I tried listening to podcasts years ago, I was hooked. A lot of people I know and love don’t listen to podcasts. When they tell me this, I always extol the virtues of listening to podcasts which is probably annoying 🙂 BUT SERIOUSLY. Podcasts are so wonderful because you get all the information of reading a fiction, non-fiction, or a news article without having to make time to sit down and read. I have learned so much as a human being, a potential future entrepreneur, a partner, a manager, a coworker. You can now find podcasts on just about every subject. Have you ever wanted to learn about ____________ (fill in the blank)? There’s probably a podcast on that subject. Have I convinced you yet? If you need more information and how to use apps to get podcasts, please comment below as I’m happy to help.

One of the podcasts that I listen to with the most regularity is The Breakdown Podcast with Shaun King for several reasons:

1. He is a black man who has so much information to share about social injustice and politics which he breaks down into understandable terms. He also breaks down why it’s important.

2. He sheds light on issues that the white majority and white run news organizations aren’t talking about.

3. At the end of each episode, he provides his audience with step by step action plans that can make a difference. When I think about all the social injustice in the world, I often feel paralyzed by not knowing how to best help. We want to make a difference in the shortest amount of time possible, and his action steps are a great way to make a targeted difference on issues like climate change, police brutality, and corrective justice reform. I have called a DA’s office in California to ask that the DA open an investigation into the brutal murders of POC (people of color), I have called my local politicians on three occasions, and I have learned how to pick a presidential candidate that aligns most with my values.

4. The episodes are fairly short and manageable to listen to in a 20 minute car drive to work, on a walk, in the shower, the possibilities are endless!

5. Oh, last and maybe least: I just love his voice. I often turn on the podcast to episodes I’ve already heard when I need help falling asleep at night.

Have you heard the podcast? What do you think about The Breakdown?


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