Four Places My Heart Aches to Visit

“Fighting” cancer is a reallll drag, as you may imagine. One of the most soul crushing things about it for me is that I can’t travel like I used to. Somedays I can barely shower without taking several breaks to release the fatigue in my muscles. Other days, I can take my dogs on long walks. It’s so unpredictable which makes traveling seem insurmountable. Here are a few places that are currently calling to me:

  1. Havana, Cuba – Before my diagnosis, M and I collectively decided this is where we want to visit the most. I want to walk the sweltering streets with my clothes sticking to my warm skin, take photos of local customs, and immerse myself in a completely different culture. We even began working on updating our passports, but a little feeling inside my heart told me I may not make it to Cuba this year.
  2. Salem Massachusetts for Halloween – Oh, this has been on my must travel list since I watched Hocus Pocus for the first time in the 90s (and subsequently watched it about fourteen times every autumn). Last winter, I researched flight prices, things to do, places to stay. I was hoping to be able to go this fall season, but alas, I may have to save it for another year.
  3. Estes Park, Colorado – This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and also felt connected to. Have you ever experienced that feeling that your energy is vibing with the Earth where your feet connect to the ground? Camping in Estes in 2012 was the first time I really, really felt connected with the Earth on a spiritual level. I would love to go back and soak up that grounding energy.
  4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – When I realized earlier this year that my beloved Poppie’s grave was not being visited nor decorated, my heart broke. Since then, Malcolm and I have been talking about making a road trip to give his memorial some loving at Rose Hill in Oklahoma City. It deeply saddens me to think that he’s alone in his grave site and will be, probably forever. My heart can hardly wait to go back to honor him in a way he deserves.

Here’s my pro tip: if there’s somewhere you want to go and you actually have the health and the means to go, get online, book a ticket, and don’t look back. Where would you go if you had the money and health to travel anywhere?


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