Photo Friday

One of the best seasonal things that I’ve been a part of has been fires and roasting marshmallows under the Harvest moon. Normally I only achieve a few of my fall and Halloween dreams each season. This time, I am trying to focus on the present and absorb each spooky movie and Reese’s glow in the dark (the wrapper, not the candy as I was greatly disappointed to find out) peanut butter cup. They just seem to taste better, glow in the dark or no, from September – November just like s’mores.

How do you like to ring in the best season of the year? Comment below!




6 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. Hannah

    Fires, s’motes, drinking cider, baking, walks, cozy clothing…etc. I go to the farmers market all year, but it always feels special when autumn is here!

    1. Mae Goes West

      Yes, yes! I go to the farmers’ market all year too, but the selection of great fall decorations is my huge draw this time of year. Thanks for reading, friend!

  2. Mae Goes West

    Yay! M and I thought of throwing a Halloween party, but if my surgery is going to be October 22, that’s not feasible. We did get invited to one. I’m thinking of being Dr Evil and M being Seth, his teenage whiny son 🙂

    1. Mae Goes West

      Yes! The changing of colors is magical. It’s also a wonderful reminder that we have to let some things go to be our best selves. Love you!

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