My Number 1 Trick for Instant Perspective

I often find myself getting caught up in the minutiae of daily life. The wake up, start the coffee pot, brush teeth, put on clothes, pack lunch, get in the car, get to my desk hum drum becomes my focus. When this happens, relatively insignificant happenings like someone cutting me off on the highway or getting an email from that one professional colleague who always has a complaint that needs to be exclusively be solved by me captures my entire focus. After weeks and weeks of this, I find myself sorely in need of some perspective.

I have many avenues to take a step back to reset my focus, but the quickest way to perspective for me is to say to myself, “There’s a black hole at the center of our universe. Nothing matters.” There’s just something about cosmic forces that instantly puts my brain at ease because the person who snapped at me in a professional meeting does not compare to the new discovery of Saturn’s 82 moons (which makes it the planet in our solar system with the most moons, surpassing Jupiter’s 79 discovered moons. WHAAAAAAT?!?!). See what I mean? I can’t wrap my brain around it and that’s draw to this insta-perspective change. Every time I think about it, my whole being is awed and reset.

What helps you quickly reset your perspective?




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