We Reached $10,000!

By some miracle, we have reached $10,000 on my GoFundMe campaign. I cannot even believe it. People I haven’t seen in person for maybe a decade are donating. People who changed my diapers are donating. I have the deepest gratitude for each donor and for each well wish and prayer. It’s a little over a week before my surgery, and I’m elated to be able to not worry so much about the price tag that comes along with any hospital stay, especially the major surgery I’m having. I’ve had this surgery two times before, well, the cutting me open with a foot incision on my tummy. This surgery is going to be way more invasive than the last two. And each time I spend at least a week in the hospital. Each time it gets harder. Harder to move my muscles to get out of bed. Harder to swallow all the pills. Harder to put a brave smile on for my hospital guests. But this time the medical debt that I will accumulate will be minimal, if any. I might not be able to get myself out of bed for a month after surgery, and I might not be able to keep my spirits high consistently, but I sure as hell will be able to pay some of my bills.

Thank you, friends and family. Even if I haven’t met you yet, I consider you a friend. I’ll keep you updated!

Looking forward to hugging each one of you,



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