5 Best Audiobooks to Download for Your Holiday Travel

If you have to travel home for the holidays, you know just how played out your playlists can get after 7 hours on the road. To switch up my tired routine, one of my favorite things to do on a road trip or during the whole airport experience is listen to an audio book. Here are five audio books that I’ve heard recently that could elevate whatever travel you might be doing during the holidays:

  1. Over the Top, A Raw Journey to Self-love by Jonathan Van Ness – If you haven’t watched the newest version of Queer Eye on Netflix, you are late to the party, honey! (Seriously, go watch it now!) Jonathan Van Ness is one of the five lovable and endearing personalities cast in the Queer Eye reboot. JVN, his nickname and his Instagram handle, helps the “heroes” in each episode with their grooming and hair. He is by far my favorite of the cast. He’s equal parts sassy, hilarious, kind, with a sharp tongue. As a huge bonus, he narrates this audiobook. This book lives up to its title of raw because JVN lays everything bare. No topic of his life is off limits which makes for a very interesting listen.
  2. The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn – This one is an intense story about a woman who witnesses her new neighbors commit a crime. But because she was quite wine drunk, she begins to doubt what she saw as she gets to know the new neighbors. With a lot of mysteries I read, I can often see the end coming. But with this well paced novel, I was completely surprised by the end. Sometimes when you get to the more intense or scary parts of books, you know what’s coming because you can see the text on the next page. Listening, instead, makes you wait until the very last minute for a proper intensity crescendo.
  3. Becoming by Michelle Obama – Poised, graceful, and refined, yet amazingly down to earth, Michelle Obama narrates her first autobiography. From her childhood to her time serving as First Lady, she weaves a charming tale of a little girl growing up on the south side of Chicago. She also details how she met Barack and how their relationship blossomed into marriage. I loved learning little anecdotal details about their family and their marriage. There are also lots of gems of wisdom weaved throughout. It’s a great listen even for people who feel lukewarm about non-fiction.
  4. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens – This is a charming tale of a girl abandoned by everyone she loves surviving and teaching herself to read. The setting is a town on the very outer banks of a 1960’s North Carolina where the main character, Kya raises herself. Though the plot sounds incredibly somber, the tone of the book is also hopeful. There is also a crime mystery as a very interesting subplot. Easy to read and to hear.
  5. Any of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling – If you need some magic while driving through endless cornfields, Harry Potter is a must. Even if you’ve read the books and seen the movies, there’s something delightful about having a Brit build the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I love the audible versions with narrators who have a British accent (make sure you check before you buy or download, there are a few different versions). Magic times 308593728.

You can download these through Audible. If you’re more into free downloads, check your local library. They often have great titles that you can download for free. Safe travels,



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