Daily Delights

Since I found out I had a kidney that no longer functioned about seven months ago, I immediately stopped drinking coffee and most sodas. This was a monumental shift for me because I love coffee. I once counted how many times I said the word coffee in a day at the office. I stopped counting at 17– at that point I just didn’t want to know the full extent of the culture of coffee I’ve created in my mind.

So when my Urologist told me I could drink one to two cups a day, I started reincorporating it into my then green tea filled morning routine immediately. Because I didn’t drink coffee for months at a time, I could feel the effects of the caffeine flow through me. Those first few days, I repeatedly said, “Do people know how good coffee is?!?! Does everyone know it makes you feel this way?!” I felt ambitious, creative, and FULL of energy. Let me just say, I love that feeling. Imposter syndrome, who?

I love cream and sugar every now and then but I tend to drink it black. Are you a coffee person? Is it a delight for you too?




2 thoughts on “Daily Delights

  1. Lois

    I love coffee, but DECAF. For me it has always been the flavor. I don’t enjoy the buzz. But the rich flavor, the body, that first hot sip and it’s feeling going down – ahhh!

    1. Mae Goes West

      Yes! It’s such a wonderful thing to look forward to in the mornings when you don’t want to get out from under the covers because it’s so cold. The promise of the warmth that coffee brings is my main motivator for getting out of bed in the cold months – mmm!

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