5 Ideas for Holiday Decor

Usually I am very slow to take down Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. But this year, we had two snow days within the last week which is bringing some holiday cheer vibes. I’ve been thinking a lot about when to put up and take down decorations, and after the December holidays, the rest of the winter feels less magical and colder somehow. January is a tough month to get through. I’m normally pining for a warm, tropical climate about that time of the year. By March, the snow and long, dark nights sink my spirit. I’m thinking of leaving these babies up well into the holiday hangover so I can hang onto just a little bit of that golden, shimmery magic. I hope these ideas bring you inspiration and a bit of wintery cheer, not just for the holidays.

I’ve had bottle brush trees on my mind for a few seasons now. I’ve seen many variations, but my inclination this year is white and gold with some pink/red accents. I finally caved and bought this set from Amazon. The number of pieces may seem excessive, but I used all of the 46 trees which vary in size and then 10 small white ones to create my charming winter forest. Anything less would have seemed underwhelming in this set up. I also love this set of colorful bottle brush trees I found on Etsy. I love any and all rainbows, but I’m sticking to more neutral colors this season.

White pompoms and golden, oversized bells? Sign me up! I believe I purchased this one at Target in the dollar section (here’s another Target garland that I may purchase in the near future though not from the dollar area). Huge secret, but not so secret decorating tip: peruse the Dollar Spot at the beginning and end of every season. In the middle of the season, it tends to be picked over while it’s fairly stocked in the beginning. At the end there are discounts even lower than the original low prices. Worth at least a turn about the Spot.

Another thing I’m loving this year are disco balls. I purchased these disco ornaments on Amazon for a reasonable price. The quality is subpar in my opinion, but they worked well for my crafts and decor. You can find just about any size, number, and price on Amazon.

I can’t get over the way the light dances on each reflective mirror. These are currently on my coffee table in my living room where light is abundant which means the sparkles on the walls are plentiful and heart-warming. This would also be a lot of fun for kiddos. I’m an adult, but my inner child emerges every time I see the sparkles.

With a little hot glue, I adorned the fake berries with disco balls. Here are a few ideas of what you can do with a disco and cranberry wreath. I purchased the wreath here. I also considered adding disco balls to a cotton blossom wreath, but I love the color of this one. If you want to make this on the realll cheap, you can buy these berries to add to a wreath, but I thought I would skip that step this time.

Or you could put a candle in the middle as long as it’s not touching the wreath because, fire hazard. This scent is Flannel from Bath and Body Works which provides the right amount of comfy and warm radiance.

I’m rotating the wreath throughout the house where it will eventually find its seasonally permanent home on my front door which I suppose is the sixth idea I’ve mentioned. No extra charge 🙂




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