Daily Delight

My best friend of 25 years sent me this picture today and it made me cry. I wish I could say I remember this cause I was obviously having the best time. I remember this house though. Even more so than my house where I lived when this picture was taken. I still have dreams about her house. Just the other night I had a dream I was there sitting in a hot tub with Haley, our twenty something year old selves in our six year old bodies.

Haley and I talk about our memories as kids, and I’ve found that most of my memories are at her house. She and I never remember the same thing, so hearing her stories launches me into a memory I didn’t think I retained. Brains are so weird, what we keep and what we don’t.

Do you have a favorite holiday memory as a kid? All of my best memories include Haley and I find that endlessly delightful.

Forever nostalgic,



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