The Movie That is Oddly Parallel to My Life This Year

Have you seen The Big Sick yet on Amazon Prime? Malcolm recently watched it and told me we HAD to watch it. I was skeptical because Malcolm recently made me watch a documentary called Dear Zachary which hit home so hard that I was beyond crying. I slipped into my trauma response mode and didn’t move a muscle for the last half of the movie (I’m a freezer which is the WORST of the flight/flight/freeze. I literally just sit wherever I am, shrink my body, and hold it there. I can do this for hours at a time). In conclusion, I wasn’t very trustful of his recommendation.

But this movie also hit home but in a much different way. This allowed me to see how Malcolm was feeling while he was my caretaker this year. His trauma response is to not talk about it to anyone, ever. I could only guess what he was thinking and feeling during that time. Now that we’re out of the woods for now, he’s beginning to open up about his feelings. And this movie is oddly parallel to what we experienced this past year. The main character’s family wants him to marry within his ethnicity, which I guess my family wants that too though they would never say it out loud to my face (love you all, but it’s true!). We just both happen to be white. And we started walking this path a little less than two years into our relationship. Everything else is so relatable. Watch it. Laugh with it. Cry with it. I highly, highly recommend this film. I think it just pushed its way into my top ten all time favorites. Also, Holly Hunter plays the mom, and I’ve loved Holly Hunter since the series Saving Grace, set in Oklahoma City. As always, I love her performance in this film.

What did you think about The Big Sick?


2 thoughts on “The Movie That is Oddly Parallel to My Life This Year

  1. Rhonda Ungericht

    Love is love is love. Color does not matter, race does not matter, ethnicity does not matter, gender does not matter.

    Aunt Rhonda

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