Daily Delights: Trivia

Since I was a kid, I loved trivia questions. My dad asked me several questions related to space, science, math, etc. during car rides and road trips. I found that endlessly delightful as a child. Nothing has changed since. I get SO excited to play trivia, though my team has only placed first once. I usually average the middle to the last of the high scores. My cousin and I frequent the Gold Camp Brewery trivia night on Wednesday nights, and we completely suck. The last two times we came in last place. But it is so fun I can’t stop coming back for more. There is also something to be said about engaging in tasks that we are not good at but that bring us joy.

There’s a restaurant in Pueblo that gives a discount if you can answer a trivia question, and that makes me extremely elated. Before the question even is asked of me, my face begins to turn red, cause I’m red-y. See what I did there? Anyways, all dad jokes aside, I always get those correct. The last one they asked of me was “what is the name of Snoopy’s friend, the little yellow bird?” The server barely ended his sentence before I said the answer rather inappropriately loudly. I just can’t help myself! So. Much. Delight.

Can you answer that question?



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