Lyric Blunders

If you’ve ever been in my car, you probably know that I love to sing and harmonize to the radio. Get in nerds, it’s the Maegan Karaoke Show! Because of my constant serenading my passengers, I have been corrected on lyrics several times. This may have something to do with my hearing at this age, but even when I was a kid, I would hear sounds and make up words to fill them in when singers wouldn’t articulate or the song played so often on the radio, I just did it absentmindedly. Looking at you, Britney Spears. Here are a few of my favorite lyrics I’ve made up or someone I know has sang in my car.

  1. Oops, I Did it Again, Britney Spears
    Lyric: That I’m sent from abo-o-o-ove, I’m not that innocent.
    My Version: Medicine from a do-o-o-ove, I’m not that innocent.
  2. Radioactive, Imagine Dragons
    Lyric: I’m radioactive, radioactive
    My friend’s version: I’m ready to rock dude, ready to rock dude
  3. All Star, Smash Mouth
    Pretty much the entire song, but the most notable
    Lyric: All that glitters is gold, only shooting stars break the mo-oo-old
    My Version: All that shimmers is gold, only you can stop sprinkler mo-oo-ode
  4. King of My Heart, Taylor Swift
    Lyric: And you move to me like I’m an American Queen and you move to me like I’m a Motown beat
    My Version: And you move to me like I’m an American queen and you move to me like I’m a Motown bean
  5. Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana
    Also the whole thing, but most noteworthy
    Lyric: With the lights out, it’s less dangerous, here we are now, entertain us
    My Version: Well the lights out, it’s a stage us, here we are now, in containers
    I had to look that one up because I still just make sounds the whole song
  6. Toxic, Britney Spears
    Lyrics: With your taste of your lips I’m on a ride, your toxic, I’m slippin’ under
    My Version: With a taste of your lips and hour wine, your toxic tongue slipping under
  7. Don’t You Worry Child, Swedish House Mafia
    Lyrics: Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child
    Colm’s Version: Don’t you ruin it, don’t you ruin it, child
  8. Genie in a Bottle, Christina Aguilera
    Lyrics: The music’s fading and the light’s down low
    My Version: If you just play it with the lights down low
  9. Take on Me, Aha
    Lyrics: I’ll be gone in a day or two
    My Version: I’ve just made noises here all my life. I just learned the correct lyrics a few years ago.

What’s your funniest lyric blunder? I want to hear ALL of them 🙂



2 thoughts on “Lyric Blunders

  1. Rex Ungericht

    1. Let My Love Open the Door (Pete Townshend). For the longest time I thought it was “Let Milo Open The Door”.

    2. Panama (Van Halen). I would have sworn they were singing “Had Enough”.

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