Holiday Decoration Expiration Date

As previously mentioned in a few posts, I find that holiday decorations bring so much magic to the Colorado winter. After the holidays, decorations seem to have an expiration date which is a huge shame because we are just gearing up for the long stretch of winter that is not magical, just cold. I don’t want to be the neighbors who leave their lights up all year ’round, but when I looked a bit more into where that came from, it stemmed from a fear of what our neighbors would think. Which is never a good reason to do or to not do something. As soon as I realized that, I turned to Malcolm and told him that our lights make me so happy and comforted in some way, and asked if we can leave them up until the warmer weather winds blow in… usually in April. M didn’t love that idea, so we compromised on taking them down after Valentine’s Day. January can be such a difficult month, especially knowing we are going to have months more of cold and snow. The holiday magic is gone and we’re getting on with our New Years resolutions. It feels like a holiday hangover, but a month long hangover. No motivation, no energy, annoying. Yuck, right? I’m interested to see how this might improve my general mood moving into the first month of the decade. I’ll report back soon.

When is your holiday decoration expiration date? I’m not quite sure what social norms dictate, but I’m here to fuck some shit up. By that, I mean rethinking my inner-critic’s desire to fit in and take them down in a “respectable time”.



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