Daily Delight: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I discovered “Blue Light Blocking” glasses last year while I was in search of a way to ease my very noticeable eye strain because of so much screen time during the week. I was in the habit of looking at a computer screen all day for work, sometimes my phone screen, and then going home to watch Netflix which exhausted my eyes and therefore my brain.

I was initially worried about the weird reflective quality they have, but that’s the blue light being reflected so my eyes don’t absorb it. It has a bit of a yellow tint which makes everything look warm. I have a pair at home and at the office, and it’s helped my eyes tremendously. I found my glasses for a very reasonable price on Amazon. Now they have become quite popular and a few of my coworkers use them as well. There is a plethora of styles and colors, so you can find something that works for you and your eyeballs. Some companies offer to combine your prescription and the lens blocking glass, so if you utilize glasses to correct your vision, there are options for you too.

Would you ever try Blue Light Blocking Glasses?



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