Photo Friday

Simone and I have been together for 8 years this year. She’s getting old but it’s hard to tell because she always acts like an old cat so much so her nickname has been Old Lady Simone since forever. She’s had a runny nose this week, so she’s been sneezing right in M’s and my faces, sometimes even in my drinks and on my food. She loves people food, like aggressively so. We have to work hard to keep her from taking food out of our hands which is why I think she’s sneezing on my food: she’s marking her territory. *Rolling my eyes while smiling cause she’s the best*

Also, there are two different filters on the photos above. My “aesthetic” is pink tinted, so this filter from A Color Story is perfection. It makes such a dramatic difference. I love seeing la vie en rose, don’t you?

Happy Friday!



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