Daily Delight: The New App that I Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Using

I really do not like grocery shopping. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it’s the bane of my existence as a human. The crowded aisles, the crying children, and the long lines can become so daunting that I’ll forgo the market for too long and end up ordering out quite a few times a week (thanks, Doordash!). However, that can amount to a huge dent in my bank account each month.

Enter the new Instacart app. This has helped me manage my shopping so that I’m cooking a lot more often than going out which in turn, generally boosts my mood and energy.

It’s an app that connects the user to shoppers who can shop your nearest King Soopers and deliver groceries within two hours of ordering, often with no extra charge. I can search each item on my grocery list and add it to my order. There’s an option to approve replacements in the event that something you order isn’t in stock. For example, M really enjoys the Nut Butter Cliff Bars but they’re hard to find and not in stock most of the time. Each time I add it to my cart, I also approve the substitution of M’s second favorite Peanut Butter Banana Cliff Bars. You can also add or delete items until the person begins shopping.

One of the coolest features is the shopper checks off each item in real time as they’re shopping. If they have questions, there’s a way for them to connect with you via text through the app and vice versa to ensure you get exactly what you want. When they finish their shopping, the app alerts you that they’re on their way.

Each of my items has been transported in a temperature controlled environment, so my ice and cold items arrive at exactly the right temperature. All of the shoppers with whom I’ve interacted have been warm and helpful. One shopper told me that she delivers for my neighbor at least once a week through the app.

Now instead of spending ample amounts of time convincing and motivating myself to go to the market, not to mention the time it takes actually shopping and transporting my goods to my kitchen, it takes me about 10 minutes to enter my list and click order. The app even keeps track of all the time I’ve saved by using the app. It’s 5.5 hours so far!

Thanks, Instacart! (read in a very 1970s advertisement voice).

What apps do you use to save you time?



P.S. I’m not making money off this post, the app is just THAT good.


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