Two Ways to Reduce and Save on Giftwrap

Recently a friend gave me a birthday present wrapped in a beautiful map with a vintage postcard attached to it with washi tape. It was such a striking presentation that I didn’t want to open it. My friend told me that using maps as wrapping paper is her new go-to. The maps are inexpensive and make a very cool, homemade statement. I was instantly on board, especially because I purchased a huge atlas years ago to make various crafts. As you may imagine, I didn’t use all or even the majority of the atlas, so I’m excited to finally have a project for it. I’ve lugged it around for years, taking it with me to Oklahoma and then to Colorado hoping I’d find the perfect use for it one day.

Other materials that I frequently use are newspaper and twine with colorful gift tags. Depending on the section of newspaper used, it can look more formal or more casual. I’ve been using this method since college when I started collecting mass amounts of our school newspaper in order to do the crossword. Sometimes I’ll even use puzzle pages that I’ve completed to wrap presents which tends to create a more informal vibe. One big drawback to utilizing used newspaper is it crinkles in weird places, especially if you use twine or ribbon around it. You can see the weird crinkle on the taller package in the newspaper wrapping photos. In most cases, it looks passably kitsch. And you don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to get the job done– you’re using something you may already have laying around the house. Reduce, reuse, recycle 4eva.

What are your favorite creative ways to wrap presents? I’d love to know all of your ideas!



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