Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Office Morale Booster

When I worked at one of my most challenging/depressing jobs as a Social Worker, there were many attempts to improve the energy in the office (because we all sorely needed it). One of those ways was a piece of paper hanging in the break room that read “Take what you need” with little strips at the bottom labeled with words like “joy”, “time”, “enthusiasm”, “focus”, etc. I enjoyed the sentiment, but a small piece of paper with one word on it didn’t feel very moving.

So when I found a little Valentine’s Day decoration kit at Target complete with clothes pins and blank papers that look like love post cards, I knew I had to buy it to recreate the paper strips. The clothes pins state “You are Loved” which sealed the deal for me. But instead of simply writing one word on each card, I wrote a word on the front with a picture or a message on the back. My favorites involve a black and white baby Yoda. (Side note: I can’t get over that little guy! It seems all of America is on the same page. I’m glad America is on the same page about something…)

For example, I wrote “Take what you need: a laugh” on one side and the other has a funny meme about sharting with baby Yoda making THE cutest facial expression. I didn’t know if that one went too far, but this morning two of my coworkers laughed loudly about it with me. Another coworker cashed in on the “Take what you need: a hug” this morning. The backside of that one reads, “Ask me for a hug! But. Seriously. Ask me.” She said I have such beautiful energy, and I felt a bit guilty because the whole idea of the craft is to give others what they need– who knew I’d get what I didn’t know I needed?

I might have made them a little too fancy because no one has actually taken one yet. Everything is fancier when you write with a gold Sharpie! If you haven’t experienced the magic of Sharpie Metallics, get in loser, we’re crafting.

What other morale boosters have you tried or been a part of? I’d love to hear all your ideas so I can implement them in my office as well.




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