Covid Worries

Since covid-19 infiltrated our ivory towers, I have been silent. It’s partly because social distancing is starting to get to me and partly because I am struggling to find daily delights. Some days I find many delights, but most days find me anxiously awaiting worse and worse news.

The roller coaster of corona being treated with flippant carelessness makes my soul weary. The fight to convince others that human life is worth more than the economy shocks me as well as further distances me from my fellow humans. I do not see how we can continue to comfortably sit in our wealth and gluttony that we’ve enjoyed for too long.

But I’m also afraid that when the worst has passed, people will forget the importance the service workers, teachers, healthcare workers. I’m worried that the people who bust their asses every day, some with two or three jobs will be forgotten and labeled lazy for wanting government assistance once again. The system is rigged against these people which is continually becoming more clear with each day that passes.

Can we all just agree that they are the only thing keeping us from falling apart as a nation? Can we all agree that they are worth more than below a living wage? Can we agree that health insurance shouldn’t be tied to employment but rather to humanity. You are a human? You deserve proper medical treatment. How hard is that?

I’m also afraid that my faith in humanity is dwindling. We can’t get our shit together long enough to protect the ones trying to protect and teach us. I’m afraid that my optimism cannot stay afloat right now. I didn’t realize how much my creativity and optimism are intertwined.

I’m not sure where to leave this. This is ongoing, no one has the answers, and I’m getting cranky as hay-ell. I hope you’re doing well. Take care of yourself, okay? I’m worried about us.



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