Writer’s Block, A Working Title

Since I’m diving head first into writing my novel, I’ve identified some areas of writing in which I need to improve. Where better to practice those than on my blog, right?

I struggle with what a lot of writers struggle with: distraction, imposter syndrome, and plot development. Specifically challenging is the plot development. Every time I write a sentence or a new scene, it feels like I’m writing a Dean Koontz novel, which is a compliment, depending on how one views it.

I have read almost every Dean Koontz book that was ever published. I’ve even read some of his short stories. In my early twenties, I collected his books at Bad Granny’s in Oklahoma City or any thrift shop I could find them. However, after a while, his style got boring to me, almost formulaic. The names are very typical American, white people names. They are all set in California. They all have the same ring to them after a while. I guess that happens when you’ve written at least 105 novels in the past thirty years. It feels like I’m writing a novel with all of the Sci-Fi scenes, plot lines, character arcs, etc. that I have consumed in my lifetime. That thought holds me back quite a bit.

So here I will dump snapshots of scenes that play in my head, or words or phrases that inspire me. Unedited, unfiltered, unrefined. Finishing a first draft is the goal of the first draft. I just have to let my mind create without judging or second guessing myself, without worrying incessantly about grammar. Not sure what I will call these posts. I’ll get back to you on that.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I relish the chance to hone my skills and become better. I welcome your comments and feedback on the content, words, syntax, etc. No grammar feedback, please, as the point of these posts is to help me free write.



2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block, A Working Title

  1. loisgracz

    Since I became a reader I loved following authors who keep certain things going in their novels, like where a story is set. Sara Paretsky is one of my favorites because she write about a female detective who practices in Chicago, my hometown.  I love that I could identify Chicago culture and landmarks.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  2. Mae Goes West

    Hi Lois!

    I haven’t read any of Sara Paretsky’s work yet, but I put her on my to-read list.

    One of my favorite serial authors is Patricia Cornwell. She writes about Kay Scarpetta, the Chief Medical Examiner set in Florida and Virginia. Because Cornwell was an ME herself, she goes into haunting detail about what Scarpetta finds in her autopsies and strange cases. I’ve read every book in the series, and I pick up books throughout the series every now and then.

    Miss you, Lois!


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