Jacob Blake

This has to stop. Innocent until proven guilty: a corner stone of our sense of justice. Extra-judicial murders. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by Kenosha police on Sunday. After stepping in to break up a fight. Relieved when police arrived. Take it from here. Nearly took his life. Inches away from his three babies. A father. A human. He survived. A miracle. He will be paralyzed, most likely for life. An American genocide.

Swastikas spray painted violent red over Black Lives Matter flags. Over Pride flags. Over celebrations of our identities. “White live’s matter” (sic.) indelible on a sidewalk downtown in the city in which I live. All over town, swastikas slashed, blood red. Rampant racism.

A BIPOC person sprayed in the face with mace by a white man in a large truck. Downtown Colorado Springs. For standing on the side of the road. This, M and I personally witnessed with loads of other protesters.

It’s everywhere. Hate. Inescapable.

What do you need to convince you that racism and hate are woven throughout our entire society? How much louder can we scream? How much longer?


2 thoughts on “Jacob Blake

  1. You are entirely right. I have been reading bell hooks this week and her observations about white supremicism overriding racism is entirely correct. All Americans of all races and cultures have been exposed their whole lives to the idea that white is superior. We need to work together (I am white) to overcome this false narrative.

    1. Mae Goes West

      Love bell hooks! Exactly. We all have it in us which is not our faults, necessarily. It is on us, however, to examine that hate in our hearts and get it out of us. Thanks for reading, Sue!

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