Daily Delight

For many months, daily delights have felt like a self indulgent luxury. So many people are dying that bodies are being stored in refrigerated trucks. That grim reality makes me feel like focusing on daily delights is a privilege and incongruous with the current state of affairs.

However, when discussing this with a dear friend, she stated that feeling gratitude is a privilege that she will keep. There’s always room for gratitude, even necessary to stay somewhat sane. Since then, I have been reinvigorated by journaling daily with a big focus on a happy/gratitude list. It’s breathing life into a sense of hope that I’ve been desperately attempting to cultivate this year and last.

My first entries every day include being alive and my current food health. I know my health will not last forever, ditto for everyone alive now. My health and ability to move my body are precious treasures. It could all change tomorrow.

What’s got you feeling grateful or maybe even hopeful these days?

x Maegan


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