Anyone Interested in Joining a Writing Group?

Since I posted about writing on my Instagram (@maegoeswestblog) and my last post here, I’ve received a lot of response and questions. I am loving how many writers or potential writers are responding, which got me to thinking (can you tell I’m from the south? 🙂 ) about creating a writer’s group.

One of my friends/mentors told me about her writing group a few years ago. She once asked me to join her long established group, and I was elated. She hasn’t mentioned it since, so I guess I’ve been subconsciously waiting for her to bring it up again. Hah! That sounds more pathetic than it did in my head. I’ve decided it’s time to create my own group.

So, if you have ever thought about writing a book, wanted to write poetry, even just dabbling, would you be interested in forming a writers’ group with me? Blog writers welcome too! I’m thinking once a month via Zoom for an hour or so. I think this will help with my accountability, inspiration, and confidence, and it might help you too? If anyone else could use those things around writing, comment with your email. I approve all of the comments on my end before they are posted, so I can delete it after you comment. If you’d like to contact me in some other way, like Facebook messenger, let me know via comment and I’ll reach out to you in your preferred way. I’m on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, though I check some more frequently than others.

As the almighty Brene Brown says, we need to lean into our vulnerability. And in all honesty, I feel vulnerable now. I feel like I’m asking people to come to my third birthday party and I’m holding my breath to see if anyone shows up 🙂




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