Wedding Update

Malcolm and I have been engaged for more than a year now. We originally planned to get married July of this year, but we decided it wasn’t the right time because of Covid. We didn’t get too far in the planning process, but since then, we haven’t talked about it much, at least not concretely. We briefly considered doing a very small wedding with only our closest family members and friends, but we didn’t get very far. So here’s my update: we don’t have one. And I’m okay with that.

Malcolm and I are in no rush to get married. It wouldn’t change much for us and our daily lives, so we do not feel expediency is needed. Our family and friends regularly ask us, and I have nothing to say, which disappoints most. It’s interesting how when you get engaged, everyone suddenly has opinions and shoulds. I’ve written this before and I’ll write it again and again, Malcolm and I are doing what feels most appropriate for our relationship. Sometimes it’s very easy to forget that and get caught up in the billion dollar wedding industry, and before you know it, you’re at your wedding that doesn’t resemble you as a couple. I’m trying hard to avoid this.

So for now, we don’t know. And that’s okay with us.



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