Daily Delight

I’ve had my eye on fiddle leaf figs for quite some time now, but their notoriously temperamental nature kept me at bay. Every article I see about fiddle leaf figs, I read. I think it was a case of knowing so much that it confuses me. Furthermore, they are usually sold in tree form, which are bigger and more expensive. Too pricy for me.

Or so I thought. Then I walked into Walmart the other day to visit their pharmacy, and this baby fiddle sat on a spring display, looking radiant, but more importantly, possible. Because it’s so small, it was a very reasonable price, and I just couldn’t walk past without taking a look. There were several, but this beauty had the most healthy, upright leaves. I heard a very dramatic declaration, “IT’S TIME” in my head, and I decided to take a chance.

That was about a week ago, and I’m happy to report she’s doing well by our sunniest southern window. The leaves have spread out a bit and are already reaching towards the window. I named her Fiona the Fig Tree, and we’re in love. Colm calls her a fiddly fig, which is way more fun. Whatever we call her, look how photogenic this girl is!

Wish me luck!



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