Your Body, Your Choice: A Clarification

I’ve written a lot on here about how I usually opt for natural beauty, not wearing wigs when I lost my hair, choosing not to wear makeup a lot of the time, etc. But recently, I’ve switched to a new facial serum, and incorporating a new product into my routine always breaks me out. I have also written here about dealing with BFRBs for years, which exacerbates my breakouts. It’s a big source of shame for me. So instead of facing my Zoom calls a fresh faced like I choose more often than not, I put on some concealer and foundation. And instead of further shaming myself for subscribing to traditional beauty, I decided that was how I wanted to show up in the world that day, feeling my best. Which caused me to pause and reflect.

I have previously failed to make clear that I think however we want to show up in the world is the way we should show up. Not wearing a wig was my own choice, and I feel like I intimated that is the right way. Would I get Botox? Probably not, but I am still very young. If at any point in the future, I decide it’s right for me, I’m going to do it and not feel shame. And so should you. It’s not about how everyone feels about you, it’s what makes you feel good about yourself.

Showing up “naturally” in the world is a privilege and sort of snobby upon self-reflection. Whatever you decide is right for you, I will support you 100%. You want to wear the shorts that show your (insert insecurity here), wear the damn shorts. You want to get a rhinoplasty, you get the fucking rhinoplasty. You want veneers, get them. And don’t feel guilt or shame for a second. These bodies are frighteningly ephemeral, it doesn’t matter. You do you, friend. And I’ll support it all the way.



2 thoughts on “Your Body, Your Choice: A Clarification

  1. Mary brundage

    My Dear Maegan, I Just want to comment on your post today I love you which ever way you want to present yourself. Personally, I like to “fix” my self too. I feel so much more in control of myself when I know I have done all I can do to present my best face forward. Otherwise I look into the a window and see my reflection I feel “down” that I did not take the time to make my self look better. I get an upper feeling when I can see I did the best with what I had to work with. I must run for now. Love you.

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    1. Mae Goes West

      I think that makes sense. Some days that feels good to me too. Since I’ve been working from home since the pandemic, things have gotten a lil bit more casual than normal 🙂 But I enjoy letting myself go there too. Love you so much!

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