Daily Delight: Taluah’s Mini Meows

If any of you have ever met my cat Taluah, you know she’s quite vocal and affectionate. This girl puts up with no shit, and I love that about her. When I go to pet her, sometimes I’m welcomed with soft purrs and little peeps that are like mini meows, and sometimes I’m met by a harsh cat fight noise. We do not have to guess what kind of mood she’s in. If something bothers her, like Malcolm touching her paws when she’s on the cat tower, she will straight up cat-yell at him.

Over the time I’ve known her, she has evolved past attacking our toes and biting anything that’s annoying her. Instead, she will give a pissed off peep or a full blown yell and will run away. When I first met Malcolm and Taluah, he clipped her nails by throwing a blanket or towel on her and pulling each individual arm out of the blanket that hissed, clawed, and thrashed about. However, the last time we tried to clip her nails, I wondered what would happen if we tried clipping her nails sans blanket. With a little patience, we were able to calmly clip her nails. I had such a warm feeling of pride and peace for her. I suppose if someone threw a blanket on me and pulled out my arms, I’d yell and attack toes too. So glad we’ve moved away from that.

Thank you for reading! Daily delights are harder to write these days because of the weather, pandemic, etc. zapping my energy. Writing in general is harder, but, I will persevere.



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